​​Storm Damage Clean Up


Dealing with the aftermath of a storm can leave you with a number of requirements when it comes to cleanup. When looking for an experienced and capable company to deliver the necessary tree cutting service and otherwise in the wake of these events, you can depend on the capability of the professionals at Southlake Tree Service Company. We provide you with a knowledgeable service that has the means to quickly and efficiently deal with any level of damages your trees have sustained due to storm damage.

Fallen Trees

One of the most common issues when it comes to storm damage across the Southlake area is the ability for high winds to take its toll on the stability of your trees. Whether they’ve become slightly uprooted or have completely toppled over on your property, getting the right professionals to provide you with the tree removal service you need will ensure that you get quick and effective results. When making the choice to reach out to Southlake Tree Service Company, you can depend on a service that gets to your property quickly and efficiently cleans your fallen trees.

Branch Care

If the entirety of your tree is still in place, yet the various branches and boughs have taken the brunt of damages, getting the right tree branch cutter service will ensure that you can maintain the safety and integrity of your tree. With our professional arborists on site, you have the peace of mind in knowing that the most knowledgeable professionals are providing you with the treatment required, safely and effectively removing any broken branches in order to maintain the health of your tree and to ensure that your property is kept safe from any potential hazards it presents.

Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree has fallen on your property in a more precarious position, such as leaning on your home or adjacent powerlines, knowing that you have an accessible emergency tree removal service available to you can be important. No matter the time of day or night, choosing to pick up the phone and calling into the offices of Southlake Tree Service Company will provide you with the immediate response you need and the capability to deal with trees in any position. We are here to ensure that you not only have the best tree care services but also a means to keep your home safe.

Palm Cleaning

We not only bring you the services you need when it comes to evergreen trees and other common sites but also bring you the necessary palm tree services required to keep these tree types in their best condition, even following a passing storm. We have been bringing quality tree service to all manner and species of trees across the Southlake area for many years and know what it takes to provide you with quality results. When you need the best providing you with your storm damage cleanup, choosing to reach out to Southlake Tree Service Company will provide results. Find out much more details about us.