Southlake Tree Service Company

​The trees on our property provide us with shade, shelter and a natural beauty that’s unmatched by other landscaping efforts for a fraction of the cost. When looking for the best tree care service in the Southlake area to provide you with the trimming, pruning, maintenance and removal services you need, making the choice to reach out to Southlake Tree Service Company will provide you with skill and dedication.

About Us

We have been the source of quality tree service in the Southlake area for many years, providing clients across the city with a full range of services that will tend to your property trees from sapling to eventual tree removal. Whether you need quality stump grinding, bush trimmers, tree moving service to otherwise, making the call to our offices will put you in touch with the professionals you need and provide you with the tree care service the city depends on. From tree planting to emergency tree service, our experts are here for you 


The range of services we provide give you the means to ensure that your trees are growing healthy and strong at all times. From lot clearing to tree branch cutting, choosing to reach out to Southlake Tree Service Company will ensure that you have the right experts bringing their attention to your property, giving you the means to treat your trees in a way that brings you the highest amount of benefit and capability. Whether you need tree removal or the necessary care to keep them in place for years to come, choosing our services is the first step in the right direction.


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​Tree & Brush Trimming

If you’re looking for a treatment that will bring your trees and brush the necessary aesthetic and practical results required, looking to our experts for quality tree pruning, hedge trimming, and bush trimmers will provide. We are dedicated to bringing you a result that not only benefits the growth and health of your various greenery but also that delivers on your need for aesthetic appeal when it comes to the entirety of your Southlake property.


​Tree Removal & Disposal

Sometimes, the best treatment for the trees on your property is to have them fully removed. Whether this is in the wake of damages sustained or as a means to provide you with the space required for future plans, turning to our experts for tree removal, shrub removal, tree shredding or any associated treatment will ensure that you get fast and affordable results delivered. When you need the best tree removal service, you need to bring in our experts.


Stump Grinding & Removal

Dealing with a stubborn stump on your property can get in the way of many tasks required, lessen the overall aesthetic of your landscaping and more. When looking for a quality stump grinding service that will quickly remove both the stump in question and deliver the root removal you need for a complete result, making the choice to call Southlake Tree Service Company will ensure that you get the right equipment in the hands of skilled professionals.

“After looking for a tree removal service in my area, I came across Southlake Tree Service Company and decided to give them a call. They were extremely helpful over the phone and the results delivered were just what I was looking for as well as being highly affordable.” – Jim W.


“I like knowing that there are available palm tree services when I need them. I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating my property and Southlake Tree Service Company are the experts I trust to bring the necessary palm cleaning services I need to keep them in the best condition at all times.” – Mark G.


“I’ve been using the services of Southlake Tree Service Company for my tree maintenance over the last few years. They always provide thorough service, affordability and a high level of knowledge when it comes to every aspect of the trees on my property.” – Kelly F.


Tree Planting & Moving

Whether you’re currently planning out your property landscaping or seek to introduce a tree to a new area of your property, ensuring that you have the assistance of skilled and capable professionals will deliver the results you need. We bring you a full tree moving service and plant planning that will give you the capability to improve on the look and utility of your Southlake area property.


Landscape Maintenance

If you need a reliable tree landscaping service, you can count on our experts to provide you with the affordable tree service company you need to carry it out. From aesthetic trimming to a knowledgeable hedge trimmer, bush trimmers, shrub pruning and otherwise, you can be sure that we have the capability to provide you with the fullest range of services and a result that benefits both your visual and practical needs within your landscaping.


Storm Damage Clean Up

Southlake Tree Service Company is also your source of emergency tree service in the Southlake area. Whether your trees have suffered damages as a result of high winds or a toppled tree is in a precarious position on your property, choosing to reach out to our experts will bring you the around the clock services required to quickly and professionally deal with any unwanted situation your trees find themselves in. For both residential and commercial storm cleanup, you can count on us.


​Contact Us

In order to get started on any of the tree care service needs you have; we first need to hear from you. With a simple phone call to our offices, you have the means at hand to speak directly with a skilled arborists, ready and waiting to provide you with further information on our services or to bring you the means to quickly and easily schedule an upcoming appointment. From residential & commercial tree service to a quality stump grinder or hedge trimmer, you can count on our professionals to provide you with the results you’re looking for across your property.