​About Our Service


​Our property trees are as much an aesthetic edition as they are practical, providing us with a means in which to elevate the appearance of our properties, to be a space for building, relaxing and enjoying our connection with nature. When looking for a quality tree service in the Southlake area to provide you with the necessary care maintenance required to keep your trees in the best of health, making the choice to reach out to the professionals at Southlake Tree Service Company will bring you the widest range of tree care options and the means in which to ensure that these stalwart additions to our properties have the means to live a long and healthy life.

We have been bringing the widest variety of tree maintenance, residential & commercial tree service, tree landscaping service and much more to the area over the course of many years. With the right professionals at hand, all it takes is making the choice to pick up the phone in order to book an upcoming service quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for scheduled maintenance for an emergency tree service, you can count on our experts to be there for you immediately. Whether you’re looking to maintain the health and integrity of the trees and brush on your property or require a full tree removal service, you can count on the expertise of our professionals, the right equipment and know-how necessary to provide you with immediate and affordable results. Contact us today for more info.